We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy. No harassment, discrimination, hate, or inappropriate behavior will be allowed. Problems falling under these categories will be handled promptly and accordingly. Any concerns can be sent to the organization’s email throughthevineofficial@gmail.com or you can contact either founder on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. We will do an investigation and handle the situation properly.

Any dialogue that evokes hateful sentiment, insinuates discriminatory, predatory, or dangerous behavior, or makes either party feel uncomfortable or unsafe should be documented and sent to throughthevineofficial@gmail.com.


We have implemented a background check process for all volunteers. In order to become a volunteer, they must pass the background check.

Private Information

We will NEVER share anyone’s information outside of your assigned mentor or editor. Any information that is shared between a mentee and mentor we DO NOT take responsibility for. However, we will still take action against any harassment or discrimination that occurs in any capacity by our members.

Additionally, we will be monitoring emails between mentors and mentees as we want to ensure that both parties feel safe messaging each other.

All emails should be CC’d to our mentorship email address: throughthevinementorship@gmail.com

Note: we are monitoring mentor-mentee communications purely to prevent predatory behavior, harassment, and discrimination. We will not use monitored emails (its content and any private information) for anything besides safety purposes.

See Something, Say Something

If any information is shared by a mentee or mentor that describes being abused or harmed by a partner or family member, please document it and report it to the appropriate authorities. It is the responsibility of the person suspecting harm to report the issue. Likewise, if we suspect that any member (volunteers, mentees, and essay submission students) is being harmed, we will report it to the appropriate authorities.


We take plagiarism very seriously, especially since the essays we receive contain personal stories. All editors must sign and abide by agreements stated in a form they receive once they’ve been approved. In terms of the essays submissions we receive, each one goes through a plagiarism check before being assigned to an editor.

We are currently in the process of registering to becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. If there are any concerns or questions, contact us at throughthevineofficial@gmail.com.